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InVertas Siegel-Absicherung


As much as necessary, as little as possible. Insurance is essential, yet you shouldn't spend too much.

We are happy to analyze the costs and the optimization potential of your current contracts. So you can be sure that you are well protected without paying too much.

InVertas Siegel-Vertrauen


Don't have to make compromises in old age?

Inflation, taxes, costs, real estate and periods of low interest. What do you have to consider?

We give you an overview of this jungle so that you are optimally prepared for your retirement.

InVertas Siegel-Investment


Are you looking for a competent advisor for your investment? Then we will work together to develop an individual portfolio strategy that is tailored to you and that suits you.

Or do you want to decide for yourself? Then use our fund shop, which shows you how to implement your ideas.

InVertas Siegel-Finanzierung


Compare more than 400 banks independently and get the best conditions? We give you security through transparency.

We are happy to help you with your construction and follow-up financing or your consumer loan.

Cost Check

Do you save regularly?
How high is your actual savings and what are the costs?

Do you know how high the costs are in your retirement provision? We check the cost of your retirement provision and show you the return in relation to your costs.

We create a financial mathematical analysis of your contract. After you upload your contract with us, you will receive a free detailed overview of the closing and administrative costs. This gives you a transparent overview and allows you to determine whether your system is really worthwhile.

Curious? Try it out right away.

Have it checked now for free

Compare & Save

It is always worth comparing. Especially when it's quick and easy.
Find your best option with just a few clicks and complete it online.

Talk to us if you have any questions or if you cannot find a satisfactory offer using our comparison calculator.


Transparent Consulting Honorarium




Most retirement products are burdened with high closing and non-transparent administrative costs. We put an end to this and offer our customers so-called net policies. These are free of high acquisition and administration costs.

Your advantage: A higher return due to lower costs!

  • It's transparent! You know exactly what the costs are.
  • In the end you have several thousand euros more in assets!
  • You are quickly in the plus and see what you have deposited!

Digital instead of a mess of paper

Order is for Idiots, genius can handle chaos.

Albert Einstein

Become a financial genius with us.

We master the chaos in your financial folder and digitize your paper mess so that you always have an overview. In addition, our app shows you whether you can still save.

Do you want to take your depot into your own hands?

Do you want to decide for yourself and save costs?
Benefit from a discount of up to 100% on the initial charge and a free choice of products.

Do you want to take advantage of opportunities but still want security?
We have the right sample portfolio for every risk type.

Let our investment experts advise you!

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