Assure? Useful? Expensive?

Insurance is a dime a dozen. Picking out the ones that are relevant for you, choosing the right provider and setting the contract details correctly is time-consuming and quickly confusing.

So that you are optimally protected according to your needs and in your life situation, we analyze the costs and the optimization potential of your current contracts.

  • Be sure that your insurance will actually pay in an emergency!

  • Make sure you are not paying too much for this.

  • Be sure that you are well protected: as much as necessary, as little as possible.

Why is a second opinion worthwhile?

1754 € Savings potential

How much savings potential is there in your finance folder? Most people underestimate the savings potential. We would be happy to go on a discovery tour with you. Here is an example of what savings we were able to discover in our customer's financial folder:

branch Previous solution Optimized solution Savings potential
Property insurance 1235 € 708 € 512 €
Car insurance 1735 € 776 € 959 €
Personal protection 147 € 85 € 62 €
retirement provision 351 € 130 € 221€
total 3.468 € 1699 € 1754 €

Correct, instead of just cheap insurance:

In all comparisons, it is important that simply cheap is rarely the right choice. Only in the event of a claim does it become apparent who is simply insured cheaply and who has really chosen a good price performance. We not only make sure to select a high-performance tariff right from the start, but also support you in the event of a claim. Upon request, we can take over communication with society and thus ensure that you receive your service quickly when it matters.

Career starter

Are you about to graduate or are you at the end of your training? What is in store for you now? Which insurances are relevant and which are superfluous?
Prepare yourself optimally with our checklist in order to benefit for a lifetime.


As a family, you have already overcome major challenges. Living together is shaped by your individuality. It is also important that your coverage is individually tailored to you. This includes that you live up to your financial responsibility and that necessary safeguards are in place. - What is really important? - Find out more now through our checklist.


Your labor is your greatest asset. You trade your time and knowledge for regular pay and a secure job. But what happens in the event of longer periods of illness or a change of job due to illness.
What do you have to consider in relation to your working life? - Use our checklist to check whether you have covered the most important points.