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Certified Consulting

Would you like sensible and sustainable advice on asset accumulation and insurance? We are happy to help and create a sustainable concept tailored to you!
Because returns, competence and security must go hand in hand.


Germany - the land of bureaucracy! We will guide you through the paper jungle and help you with any questions - all according to German data protection criteria, of course. So that you can think of your finances with a smile.

Sustainable Support

Not only the advice, but also your support should be sustainable. By this we mean a continuous check of your systems. Furthermore, depending on your desired scope, we always offer a contact person who is at your side in the savings phase or in the event of damage.

Do something good - donate!

We want to change the world in a positive way! If you want to donate part of the closing costs - let us know, we will show you how it works! We donate - with your help!

Why investment?

By good investment, we mean a global portfolio that is diversified across several asset classes. What are the advantages of such a portfolio?

Fluctuation: Due to the wide spread, the fluctuation of the portfolio can be reduced without having to forego returns. Compared to an investment in individual stocks, we reduce your risk with the same expected return.

Return: The expected return of such a portfolio is between 7-10% pa. Compared to an investment in overnight money or savings books, your return opportunities are many times greater.

Safety: Over the past 100 years it has been shown that such a system can safely survive times of crisis. In contrast to overnight money accounts or other sight deposits, assets could be preserved and expanded through currency reforms, world wars and hyperinflation.

Inflation: Everything becomes more expensive and with it your money loses value. The greatest risk of loss for savers in Germany is the loss of value due to inflation. This risk occurs almost every year. Only an investment in productive real assets can generate a return above inflation in the long term.

Risk: You can adjust your risk yourself. Together we will find out what risk you want to take and what return you can expect.

Flexible: You can increase, decrease or suspend your deposits at any time. You can also access your assets at any time. Of course, your investment should match your investment horizon and your risk class.

Why consultation-honorarium?

Low cost: We offer you fee contracts. They are free of commission and have very low running costs. The saved costs increase your return.

Transparency: We present all costs transparently in our free initial consultation. So you always have full control. We uncover all the "hidden" costs in your existing contracts with our analysis and present them to you in a comprehensible manner.

Real advice: Because of our fee, we have no conflicts of interest to sell you any products just to receive commissions. It is our concern to find the best solution for you.

Excellent support: Do you want to manage your contracts yourself via our app or would you prefer a personal conversation? With us you can decide for yourself how intensively we should look after you and your contracts. At least once a year or in the event of damage, we are definitely by your side.

Modern investment: When putting together your portfolio, we orientate ourselves on scientific findings and not on glossy brochures or sales stories. We are an accredited Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA). Access to asset class funds reserved for certified advisors only. (Link: Investment Brochure)

Any questions?

Our consultant Lucas Bertram will be happy to take care of your concerns. On the phone, by Skype or by email. Please do not hesitate to contact us.