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Why is planning for your retirement in Germany so important, especially for Expats

How do I make a correct preliminary risk inquiry?

If you are interested in disability insurance and you are no longer the youngest, you naturally want...

Disability insurance: What does abstract and concrete reference mean?

With disability insurance, in some cases you have to face the situation at some point that the insurer will refer you...

Does disability insurance make sense for student teachers?

Sure thing: Yes! But if you look at it more closely, the topic can be a bit more difficult. Therefore want...

What if your BU is too expensive?

If your disability insurance is too expensive, that's not a problem, because there are different solutions for that too. Important...

Best disability insurance: how do you recognize it?

You might think that the best professional insurance depends on the provider. But this is actually hardly relevant....

The degree of disability

This question has probably already been asked by many people who have come into contact with the topic "BU"....

As an academic, how do I save on disability insurance?

It's not that easy at first, because: as an academic, disability insurance is the cheapest insurance for...

Build or buy a house in Corona times, should you do it or better not do it?

Understandably, the Corona crisis has also had an impact on the real estate market. Many people are now asking the following questions...

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Erdem Ozdemir


Mr. Bertram is a great consultant: personable, absolutely serious and authentic. He responded precisely to my situation and wishes, thought along with me and was able to make various suggestions. I received great offers from him and everything worked right from the start. I am happy to recommend him.

Eugene Bauer


For me, Mr. Bertram was always approachable, honest, personable and empathetic. His technical expertise is top notch and during the consultation he explicitly addressed my questions and was able to provide targeted answers and proposed solutions. With his help, everything went smoothly during the transaction.

daphne p


Mr. Bertram was very friendly and helpful as a consultant, everything worked. I am completely satisfied with the course of the consultation.

Ester S


With Mr. Konerding we had the feeling that he listened very well and made suggestions and alternatives of his own accord. Very fast processing and great implementation of our wishes and our project!



Was great advice. Understanding and transparent. I can only recommend!

Marc L


The advisors are great. Always available and also quick offers that were super cheap. We received a great interest rate for our financing.


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