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Financing without equity

Financing your own house without equity is possible, but not easy. In any case, it is quite clear that a bank is needed to finance the full purchase price of the house for the time being.

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It doesn't work without a bank

Well-founded concepts for full financing should first be drawn up with various banks so that you get the best interest rates and conditions. It is important that the financing is tailored to your own financial possibilities and personal life situation.



In order to receive a loan, a conscientious check of your own creditworthiness is always required, as the banks need to secure your future solvency. Sustainably secured income and an impeccable credit history are essential. If there is no equity, then a high credit check is an advantage. Because all financial obligations reduce income and, ultimately, there must still be enough funds available to pay off the loan installments - at best, there should even be financial leeway so that you can react to unexpected, costly events.


attractiveness of the property

If you have a good credit rating, it now depends on the object of your desire. Since for the bank the future home is the greatest security, it should be attractive, solid, new or well-maintained and in a preferred residential area - ideally in an area where appreciation in value can even be expected. If it is more of a dilapidated, old house whose location can be assessed as rather bad than bad, then the full financing of the project will be more difficult and more expensive. Because the more valuable the house, the lower the risk at the bank and the more favorable conditions for the expected loan. After all, the house belongs to the bank until the loan is paid off and if the bank has a high value in its pocket, the willingness to offer low interest rates increases.


financing options

There are different options for the type of financing. On the one hand, there is a choice of financing the house with equity, on the other hand financing the entire purchase price of the house. Finally, there is the financing of real estate and ancillary costs. The right choice usually depends on the financing needs and the costs. The more equity, the smaller the loan, the lower the interest and financing costs and the lower the risk in the end. Financing with equity is traditionally chosen, which is at least 20 percent of the purchase price and with which ancillary acquisition costs are paid from your own funds. This is the cheapest and least risky way, since borrowed capital and thus interest and installments are the lowest, the loan is repaid faster and the final financing is easier.


A good plan is needed - no equity!

However, if you have no equity available, many go the way of so-called 110 percent financing, in which the purchase price and ancillary acquisition costs are fully financed. The purchase price is then covered by a loan and the additional purchase costs by an additional personal loan, with the latter usually having a higher interest rate. In any case, it can be said that full financing is more expensive than the other forms of financing and it takes a long time to settle the debt.

Small change, big effect

There are many ways you can go about financing your home. Whichever one you decide on - we as a consulting team, with our valuable contacts to leading financial institutions, will support you in any case. In order to find the optimal financing, small changes to the financing plan can often help. We take over the examination of offers from various construction and real estate financiers, compare all costs and conditions and ultimately put together the most favorable options. This gives you a solid financing solution that is perfectly tailored to you.

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