More than a financing

When it comes to financing and loans, it is worth taking a closer look. Why is it so important that you do some research beforehand?
Because you commit for years.

Already 0.1% deviation from the borrowing rate make a big difference. The long term results in a negative compound interest effect and you pay several 10,000 € more in interest.

Your strategy is also crucial! With a comparable offer and a different financing strategy, you can gain a lot of security or secure low interest rates.

  • Find the best strategy with us to get out of debt faster

  • Use the better alternative to your house bank

  • Financing securely until the end without renewed follow-up financing

Which repayment amount makes sense?

When it comes to financing, the repayment schedule is a factor that should not be underestimated. The repayment determines the part by which the loan is reduced. This is important because the repayment amount determines the remaining debt in a follow-up financing and defines the term.

Repayment Monthly Rate Remaining debt after 10 years Total runtime
1% pa 411,67 € 169.410 € 59.76 years
2% pa 570,00 € 148.820 € 36.76 years
4% pa 886,67 € 107.641 € 21.04 years
5% pa 1045,00 € 87.057 € 17.36 years
Assumptions: loan amount of € 190,000, fixed interest rate for 10 years, fixed borrowing rate 1.6%

Pay off properly instead of paying long:

Only a few percentage points make the difference in the long term. So it is extremely important to be clear about this and set an appropriate amount from the start.

In the persistent low interest rate phase, it is advisable not to go below the 2% repayment. With this appropriate repayment amount, you reduce your interest rate risk. The risk of not being able to bear the loan in the event of follow-up financing.

Finally, it should be noted that a higher repayment due to the compound interest effect is advantageous compared to a planned special repayment.

Personal Loan

Money for the new car or a bigger expense? - The independent comparison is worthwhile here. Not only the term, but also the monthly rate are decisive. The highest priority, however, is fast processing and that the money ends up in your account directly. It is important to always ensure that you are not satisfied with the first choice, but that you look for a comparison. We are glad to help you!

Construction Loan & Real Estate Acquisition

Who doesn't dream of owning a home, especially with such low interest rates? But the low interest rate can quickly become a problem if the repayment is incorrect. Especially if you have to negotiate with the bank again after 10 years.

What do you have to pay attention to? What are the risks? What does the bank want to know from you?

Use our free information material.

Follow-Up Financing

You have already financed successfully and you have to renegotiate with the bank? Use the comparison and save up to 1% interest. Experience shows that your current bank gives you a worse offer than the market suggests.

Take advantage of the low interest rates to get your follow-up financing on a dry sheet, even if your current loan is still running. A forward loan gives you the opportunity. Find out more in our information material.