Investment is our core business

Investment is our core business. We have been dealing with the topic of investment every day for many years and it makes us smile anew every day. Unfortunately, we keep getting to know people who have been deprived of the joy of investing due to high initial charges or expensive products. We want to change that.

We don't conform to any investment fashions. Rather, we orientate ourselves exclusively on scientifically, empirically proven research. In this way, we ensure that our customers do not chase any market trend, but that they are set up for the long term, solidly and sustainably.

Therefore we have the following principles ...

  • Cheap investment solutions

  • Scientific principles

  • A real consulting experience

You can read our investment principles in detail here:

You decide!

We are happy to assist you as a consultant and help you make smart investment decisions. Then we will work together to develop an individual portfolio strategy that is tailored to you and that suits you.

If you want to decide for yourself, use our fund shop. Here you can implement your ideas independently. We have put together sample portfolios for each risk class for you. But you can also invest in individual funds completely independently.

All without any front-end load, of course.

Wealth Creation

Do you want to build your wealth? We'll show you how to invest your money intelligently in the low interest rate phase. Together we use factor premiums to achieve above-average returns. We are an accredited Dimensional Fund Advisor. This gives you access to funds that are otherwise only reserved for large investors.

Asset Protection

Is it all about protecting your wealth? Protecting your assets against depreciation due to inflation is also possible in times of zero interest rates. We have solutions especially for this. Once we have established a strategy, we review it in our quarterly reports.

Retirement Planning & Withdrawal Plans

We create a comprehensive statement of assets. In doing so, we take account of custody accounts, real estate, bank balances, gold, collectibles, etc. Together, we then create a strategy and discuss how high your additional pension can be without your assets shrinking. We are constantly reviewing this strategy so that you can concentrate on your retirement.