We strive for a world in which everyone can trust in their financial future.

"Understanding and knowledge arise where openness and friendliness are required as a basis."

Lucas Bertram

"Paths are created by walking them." - Franz Kafka

Christian Ulpts

"More than anything else, pay attention to your thoughts because they determine your life."

Marcel Beaupain

"Start living in the moment and you will see - the more you live the fewer problems there will be."


Mrs. Brinkmöller

"We don't dare because it is difficult, but because we do not dare, it is difficult." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

Tobias Konerding

"Advise people the way you would like to be advised yourself."



David Reinhard

"Discipline is the art of having fun and joy in the activities that you consider right or important." - Stefan Merath

Jonas Martini

Success is only achieved by doing something while waiting for success. - Thomas Alva Edison



Marcel Kunz

"It is better to think about your money for one day a month than to work for a whole month." - John D. Rockefeller


Florian Jenning

Our Way of Working

We work to ensure that our customers think of their finances with a smile. To ensure this, we are an independent financial broker who, in contrast to normal insurance agents, does not represent the insurance company but the customer. We support you fully with the needs analysis, the conclusion of new contracts and, in an emergency, with the settlement of claims. In addition to top advice, high-quality, transparent support is important to us. We are rethinking finances: from clearing out your financial folder to digitization. Experience has shown that this results in undreamt-of savings opportunities. We always work in a cost-optimized manner.

Why InVertas?

We strive for a world in which everyone can trust in their financial future. By combining values with finances, we work to ensure that you can think about your finances with a good gut feeling. True to the motto: "Learn from the past, experience the present in order to set a new standard in the future." - we want create innovative advice and sustainable support with you that will make you happy!


The "In” stands for individuality, innovation and investment


"ver” (lat.) = spring: we are convinced that for young, qualified people with their hearts in the right place, the market in the FDL area is becoming more and more attractive because the industry is out of date - spring is dawning for our generation!


"invert” (eng./ lat.) = to reverse

Nowadays, sales companies place so much emphasis on the acquisition of new customers that the topic of “support” is neglected. In the age of digitization, we aim to ensure a scalable professionalization of care, which sets up the customer simply, clearly and personally - and reverses the focus on the individual customer.