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It is not for nothing that we have chosen the well-known, idyllic old town of Heidelberg as our company location Financial advice in Mainz searched! The idea of merging time-honored tradition with revolutionary innovation has been one of the most important factors for us since the beginning.

Investments are not an easy topic in Germany. Over the past few years and decades, the financial services industry has consistently earned its bad reputation due to a lack of transparency and incorrect advice. Confidence in the financial sector has been severely damaged and financial policy is not credible.

That's why we made it our determination clear, sincere and independent advice to reorganize the industry in Mainz, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and beyond the Rhine-Neckar region. We want to return to individual, focused and reliable advice so that you can feel valued again. But above all we want to get through a high degree of transparency create new decision-making bases for you:
Most people are not aware of what to do in the investment sector. Whether real estate and construction financing, whether stocks and investment funds or ETFs, whether insurance or pension provision - when it comes to investing money, we Germans are quickly overloaded.
It's just a versatile, dry topic. They decide on an investment strategy without knowing the exact costs and services and usually do not understand it.

In a thoroughly independent meeting, we will show you your cost and performance structures and compare them with market-leading alternatives. We develope Fund comparisons and show you how to invest your money in a targeted manner can. After our consultation, you will understand which investments you have made and how equity funds, pension schemes or insurance basically work. But above all, you can be sure that you will then be in the best possible position financially and that we will provide you with excellent support!

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We combine your morals with your finances!

Everyone is unique and has one through his own life experiences own value system. When it comes to finances, too, everyone attaches importance to various areas of focus. Whether security or profit, whether versatility or tax savings or whether commission or fee - you set your own focus within your investment.

But also our values and company philosophy flow into your advice! Because our discussions are not aimed at short-term product sales, but rather at authentic and first-class advice. Get to know our ideas:


Trust & Authenticity:

We put special emphasis on one respectful, direct and cooperative interaction with our clients as well as with our employees.


Responsibility & social engagement:

We understand reliable advice to mean generating reasonable profits to secure the working life and retirement of our customers.
However, we mean by corporate responsibility also giving something back of our success out of conviction.
With this we want not only the present but also the future design actively and positively. Because we care about a social obligation - both for our customers and employees, as well as for society.


Excellence & Expertise:

because of our years of experience and the existing Core competency we can offer our customers excellent procedures. At the center of our advice is a tailor-made and, above all, transparent concept developed together with the customer.
We are not satisfied with mediocrity, but strive for perfectionism, both in ours Financial advice, as well as in the care and interaction with each other.

We look forward to getting to know you and your values and priorities!

Insurance broker in the city of Mainz

Insurance brokers in Mainz with the required permission to broker fee rates have the same option as with fee advice without commission costs (this is known as the fee tariff, net tariff or net policy). A certified insurance broker does not have to take a bonus for his advice, but has the option of separating most of the costs from the investment.

Fee consulting in Mainz

So that there is no misunderstanding: It does not matter whether you are aiming for fee-based advice in Mainz or one certified insurance broker place an order to broker fee tariffs. There is no guarantee of the quality of advice. Therefore, you should get to know us and our fee advice! Listen to your gut feeling and see what gigantic savings can be achieved through transparent insurance comparisons!

We are active as a fee broker as well as an insurance broker in Mainz. That's why we are independent and therefore independent of brokerage premiums, insurance companies and building societies. We are legally obliged to implement your interests. This means that there are no conflicts of interest.

Within our fee consultation, a transparent financial mathematical actual analysis designed. In this step, we compare your current status quo with other providers and possible alternatives with the help of your cost structures in great detail.

Keep in mind: Closing commissions and support fees do not apply to fee-based advice, since these are presented transparently and, above all, reduced by individual agreements. So you have more assets in your contracts right from the start and therefore more financial resources or an improved pension in old age!
Important advice: The top fee rates can even withstand a direct comparison with depots without any problems. The fact that the cost structures are kept very low for fee tariffs and the withholding tax is no longer applicable in the savings phase means that fee advice in Mainz, as in any other region in a pure comparison fund, makes it possible to achieve higher maturity payments.

Financial services in Mainz

It can turn out to be a great challenge to find an independent financial consultancy in Mainz, as many like to adorn themselves with the title of independence, but unfortunately they are usually not really it.
Expertise, authenticity and transparency are absolute core elements in our advice. The development of comprehensible cost comparisons, the derivation of sensitive financial issues and the support in the conclusion of the contract are a matter of course for us.
So if the question arises:

Where can I find an independent financial service in Mainz?

After our consultation, it should be clear that InVertas is your trustworthy contact.
You should listen to your gut feeling - but give us a leap of faith and get to know us!
We have made it our business to explain even complex, dry and difficult financial topics in such a way that you are fully informed. That she 100 % trust in our independent financial services, in Mainz, the InVertas team and in your financial plan.

Regardless of whether financing through loans, liquidity and deposit analyzes, hedging or independent financial services in general - we are there for you as a contact person in wonderful Mainz and are there for you at any time, personally, by video or telephone.

Come to us without obligation and get to know us and ours Free initial consultation in Mainz know! You will be surprised how interesting finances can be!

InVertas Geschäftsführung

Investments and investments for your future

We strive for a world in which every human being can rely on his financial future. Safe investments and independent comparisons in old-age provision, real estate or insurance are an important element of this.
By combining values with finances, we work to ensure that you can think about your finances with a good gut feeling. True to the motto: "Learn from the past, live the present in order to set a new benchmark in the future." - we want to create innovative advice and sustainable support with you that will satisfy you!

We are looking for them most profitable investment opportunities for your children, for your own private pension plan or for your partner. Is recommended here the creation of a family conceptin order to take into account all wishes and goals.

We draw up independent comparisons, use certified pension calculators and analyze tax savings, allowances and costs of tariffs and insurance.

Classic questions such as "Is a company pension worthwhile for me?", "How do I invest my money in stocks or ETFs?" or “How stable is my investment?” we will clarify with you in peace.

Short-term, medium-term and long-term investments, buying a property or the Mortgage lending are extremely complicated in Germany. We support you in understanding your finances and investing them safely!

Consultation Process

  • Provide a overview
  • Certified Consulting
  • Closure
  • Sustainable Support
  • Do something good - donate!

A novelty from our portfolio: ecological investments with CLEAN CAPITAL

Do you lead an environmentally conscious life, act ethically and biologically, think socially and economically? Or do you want to make your life more sustainable? We have for you Clean capital founded as a sustainable investment opportunity. Clean capital offers ecological investment opportunitiesthat meet your needs.

In times of increasingly complex financial markets, we develop for you sustainable options for asset accumulation. So that you always know what your work is doing. Sustainable investments don't have to be complicated. Through our advice, we present options to you, just like you invest money ecologically can.
Clean Capital offers sustainable financial services based on controlled moral, social and ecological criteria.
Let's create a world together in which our great-grandchildren would also like to live with enthusiasm. With pleasure we check your investments for sustainability. Because of this we can offer you a free sustainability check offer that shows you how sustainably you invest your capital.

We check your existing securities account or your retirement provision individually and without obligation and find out how sustainable they really are.
We show green alternatives which could replace the critical investments.

Sustainable investments must under no circumstances have negative consequences for money and profits. We find investment funds for you that meet both your moral standards and you as an investor high profits deliver.

At Clean Capital we lay particularly high value on sustainability funds.
These are a great way to support sustainable investment.
With ethics funds you create a green future and benefit from profitable returns to build your wealth. Green investments are on the rise extremely high growth rates.
At Clean Capital, we will of course be happy to provide you with information about your suitable investment fund.

You don't have a depot or none private retirement provision but would like to find out about sustainable investments with a low risk to inform? No problem - we as Financial advisor for Mainz like to deal with it.
By investing in sustainable investments, you are setting a good example. As an investor, it is in your hands - and we at Clean Capital will give you a hand.
At Clean Capital, we are certain that sustainability is more important today than ever before.
With Clean Capital you benefit from a great long-lasting investment portfolio with a wide range of funds.

Let our investment experts advise you!

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