Old-Age Provision! Yes but how?

Everyone knows that old-age provision is an important and challenging topic. The state can do less and less, and private provision is becoming more and more relevant. But what can you do without having the feeling of being “ripped off”?

We, as independent brokers, will help you! Transparency, sensitivity and understanding for this very important topic is important to us. We will prepare a cost analysis for you and show you where you can save money. So that you can be sure how much money is actually invested and have a good gut feeling with your finances!

  • Finally have a good gut feeling for finances!

  • Understand the topic and don't pay too much for it!

  • Be well prepared for your retirement.

What are the real costs?

The area of provision is usually complex and non-transparent - we also live in Germany, the land of bureaucracy! We help you to understand and approach your existing contracts as well as new impulses and suggestions. We independently compare costs, services and investment cores of tariffs and insurance. Due to the different specializations of our employees, we can help you with technical expertise in every financial topic. Transparency, security and honest advice are particularly important to us - so that you can think about your finances with a smile again!


The net version, also called fee brokerage, is the most transparent form of individual advice. It lists all costs for you - and puts them in a performance ratio. We are a great supporter of this pension option, as transparency and a good gut feeling are a central part of our philosophy.
We have specialized in this topic and will set up an individual system for you.


It is the most popular, but unfortunately also often the most opaque variant. "What are the costs in the contract? What is really coming out? ”Many questions are hardly explained, which creates an insecure gut feeling.
We will explain this to you in detail and give you a basis for decision-making! And if you decide on the commission model - no problem, because we will adapt to you by looking for the most cost-effective and flexible variant for you!


The most important point is professional support! A topic that is too much underestimated in financial services. How often do we hear “Our advisor hasn't contacted us for years!” We provide holistic support, in which you determine the scope and intensity yourself. You can be sure that we will be at your side during the savings phase or in the event of damage.