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Private Pension Plans in Germany: All go­vern­ment benefits explained

When it comes to planning for your re­ti­re­ment in Germany, there are a variety of options available to you. The German go­vern­ment offers si­gni­fi­cant benefits in private pension plans when you save for your re­ti­re­ment, and these benefits are organized into three different brackets, each with its own ad­van­ta­ges and di­s­ad­van­ta­ges. In this article, we will give you an overview of the three levels of pension plans available, so you can decide which one is best for you.

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Private Pension Level 1: High Income = High tax-refund

The private pension plan on Level Number One is the so-called Ba­sepen­si­on or Rürup-Pension. This is a private pension plan, where the con­tri­bu­ti­ons are 100% de­duc­ti­ble from your income tax, which is a huge advantage, because you get 42–48% of your con­tri­bu­ti­on back, when you make over 62k a year. It is a pension product, that means that the money is not available until you retire, then you get paid out a monthly lifelong pension that can not decrease or run out. The Base pension is mainly in­te­res­t­ing for in­di­vi­du­als with a high income, because they get massive tax refunds, have high interest and a high pension. You can read more about the Ba­sepen­si­on here: Tax-refund with the Ba­sepen­si­on.


✅  high tax refunds up to 48%

✅  free fund selection without capital gains-taxes

✅  high interest in­vest­ment choosable

✅  up to 26.528€/year deductible


❌  money is not available until retirement

❌  taxes on the pension (taxes in pension are lower)

❌  no one-time payout available

Private Pension Level 2: Riester and company pension


Riester Pension Plan:

Level Number two includes two pension plans: The Riester pension and the company pension. The Riester pension is not at­trac­ti­ve for the majority of people because of its low interest and in­fle­xi­ble structure. 


✅  tax-de­duc­ti­ble

✅  bonuses for families


❌  very low interest

❌  bonuses are deducted form tax advantage

❌  taxes on the pension

❌  high cost

❌  view providers

Company Pension Plan:

However, whether a company pension is worth it depends on your em­ploy­er’s offering. Some employers only offer one plan, while others leave the choice up to their employees. When you have the freedom to choose your plan, it can be a very at­trac­ti­ve option as it allows you to convert a part of your salary before taxes and social fees, and your employer gives you a bonus on top.


✅  tax-de­duc­ti­ble

✅  social-fees de­duc­ti­ble up to 292€ per month

✅  employer bonus

✅  lump-sum payout possible


❌  low interest in most plans

❌  highly dependent on employer

❌  new cost with every job change

❌  taxes and social fees on payout

Private Pension Level 3: Flexible Pension Plan

The pension plan on level three is also called the flexible pension, because it offers a lot of fle­xi­bi­li­ty. Unlike the Base Pension, you can take your money out anytime, and when you retire, you can choose whether you want the lifelong pension or the payout at once. The go­vern­ment also offers huge tax benefits, such as 0% capital gains tax on your in­vest­ment while the money is in the plan and low taxes on the payout when you retire. You can read more about the Flexible Pension here: The Flexible Pension Plan.


✅  free fund selection without capital-gains-taxes

✅  tax ad­van­ta­ges on payout

✅  lump-sum payout or livelong monthly pension choosable


❌  no immediate tax advantages

❌  higher cost than a broker account

❌  only pro­fi­ta­ble long-term


So this is an overview over the different pension options available. In general, you can say that for most people either the Ba­sepen­si­on and the flexible pension are very in­te­res­t­ing or what I call the perfect pension plan, which is a com­bi­na­ti­on of both. You can read more about the Perfect Pension Plan here: The perfect pension plan.

Of course, in an in­di­vi­du­al con­sul­ta­ti­on we help you figure out what plan fits you best, answer the questions you might have and give you our re­com­men­da­ti­on for your in­di­vi­du­al situation.

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David Reinhard

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David is our expert for English-speaking customers as well as US citizens. He helps customers un­der­stand and make the best use of the German system. 

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