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Arriving in Germany financially – is not easy. Together we work through an individual & reliable solution!


Arriving in Germany financially – is not easy. Together we work through an individual & reliable solution!

Arriving financially as a U.S. citizen

We offer you the opportunity to invest in profitable assets and efficiently build up wealth in Germany. Arrange a free and non-binding initial appointment with one of our specialists for US persons.

No investment opportunities?

As a U.S. citizen in Germany, the topic of investment and retirement planning is often considered particularly difficult. Regulations in between states and unknown options might lead to confusion and make investment options seem limited.

Let us guide you through the bureaucratic jungle and find ways to invest more freely and cut taxes.

Too many rules?

The reason for this is a change in the law (FACTA regulation) on the part of the USA, which entails a considerably higher administrative burden for deposits of persons with a US connection. US citizens and dual (US) citizenship are affected. Even many existing investment accounts have been terminated.

Specialization for your challenges

You will appreciate our expertise and specialization through our highly trained consultants in all areas:


A low-cost and transparent investment structure.


Our experts will be happy to advise you in English.


Save on paper, nerves & taxes.


Possibilities you might not have thought about yet


100% digital process. From video call to signature to online documentation archive.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to questions that we are asked very frequently.

Good pension plans have costs of about 1% of capital annually, which includes the cost of insurance, funds, and the advisor. We get paid by the insurance when you decide to do the plan. The conditions you get with us are exactly the same you get with the insurance directly, so you have no financial disadvantage by doing the plan with us, but of course the huge advantage is that we as independent brokers can scan the whole market, so you get the best available option.

We look at your individual situation and explain the available options to you. We also show you detailed numbers for the option you want to explore. Not only that, but we are there for you throughout the whole process, as you can tell from the outstanding reviews and recommendations from our clients.

The percentage ratio between the different funds in the pension plan is rebalanced into the right percentage ratio automatically every year, without you having to do anything. So you have no work with the investment and most importantly, it is completely tax-free.

Ablaufmanagement helps to shift the money from volatile stock funds into more stable assets as the retirement date approaches. This can help to ensure that your retirement funds are not affected by market downturns.

Besides the most obvious service, providing a stable lifelong pension in your retirement, a pension plan offers many advantages, such as the tax advantage and services like yearly rebalancing and Ablaufmanagement, which can help to ensure a worry free retirement.

The solutions in our consulting are structured in a way that you are flexible should you choose to leave Germany during your working life, and you can get your pension anywhere in the world.

The Perfect Pension Plan is a way to get a stable pension combined with financial flexibility when you retire. It enables you to use the German tax system to your advantage. Done correctly, you have hundreds of thousands of euros in savings just from tax refunds that you can access when you retire.

The German tax system is progressive, meaning that the more you make, the higher is your marginal tax rate. Fortunately, you can use this to your advantage by taking advantage of deductions to lower your tax burden, for example by investing in a Base pension. You get a tax refund of up to 42% of your contribution (income <60k). Change your mindset from complaining about taxes to using the German tax system, and you will financially benefit.

A company pension can be a great financial benefit if the employer offers a good bonus and plan. Mainly this is the case, when employers leave it open to their employees to choose their plan. However, oftentimes employers only offer one plan, which is not ideal. Feel free to book yourself a meeting with us to see whether a company pension makes sense for you.

Riester pension is not a good choice for most people due to its inflexible nature and low interest. The government bonus and tax advantage can be used way more effectively in the Base Pension.

Take care of your private pension today

We help you to clarify the complex facts and show you your investment options. Get to know us in a free initial consultation!

Opinions of our

Our passion is to give you a professional good feeling. Always honest and transparent. Convince yourself with our numerous reviews!

Vanessa Kuenzel


Among other things, I asked for a pension plan there and I am really positively impressed by the consultant. He responded very well to my wishes and was and is really always available for me! For my questions he has always taken a lot of time and also very much patience and friendliness! The product recommended by him I had compared with others and finally decided for this. On the one hand, because the product really convinced me in the end and on the other hand, because the consultant David R. really took the time and explained everything to me again and again in a very understandable and good way. Great consultant who really does not leave you hanging!

Anke Schneider


Many thanks to Mr. David Reinhard for the detailed advice and patience in answering my questions – sympathetic and competent!

Lukas Prechtl


Super good financial service from David Reinhard! The advice is based on your own needs and interests and not on the interests of the respective insurance companies / banks.

Pascal Stock


The advice given by Mr. Reinhard when changing the Riester pension was professionally very good, fast and even via video telephony uncomplicated and possible at any time. Therefore, I can highly recommend this.

Faisal Anees


It was nice being supported with a professional representative – ( David Reinhard ) who advised and gave us the best suited and transparent advise. This not only gave us the confidence but also motivated us to start with our goal.



David Reinhard has the patience and knows the details. He gives the time that is needed for the advice and is really good in what he does. He came across as someone who does his best to win the trust and confidence.