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The perfect pension plan

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The perfect pension plan, that is a great name, right? Here is how it works: This system not only allows you to be well off when you retire, it also uses the German tax system to your advantage to achieve that goal in the most effective way. In this system, you have the com­bi­na­ti­on of […]

Ad­di­tio­nal services in a Pension plan

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Besides the tax advantage and the stable lifelong pension, why should you do a pension plan? The insurance has some services that make your life a lot easier: One of the key ad­van­ta­ges of pension plans is the range of ad­di­tio­nal services that insurance companies offer to make your life easier. These services can help […]

Level 3 Pension: The Flexible Pension Plan

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When you are looking to invest money with a good interest for your re­ti­re­ment and get a huge tax break from the go­vern­ment on top of that, the level 3 flexible pension plan might be very in­te­res­t­ing for you.  Table of Contents  How the level 3 Pension works The level 3 Pension works as follows: You […]

Private Pension Plans in Germany: All go­vern­ment benefits explained

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When it comes to planning for your re­ti­re­ment in Germany, there are a variety of options available to you. The German go­vern­ment offers si­gni­fi­cant benefits when you save for your re­ti­re­ment, and these benefits are organized into three different brackets, each with its own ad­van­ta­ges and di­s­ad­van­ta­ges. In this article, we will give you an […]

What is the most effective way to save for retirement?

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When you put money aside for your re­ti­re­ment, you need to invest that money somewhere. Btw: With the help of a good advisor, you get massive tax breaks doing that. The problem with many tra­di­tio­nal „in­vest­ments“ such as bonds, gold, and savings accounts, is that the interest is very low. In absolute numbers, there are […]

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