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Why is planning for your retirement in Germany so important, especially for Expats


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We all get old. And most people after a certain age no longer want to be dependent on having to work. That’s why we retire. Sounds trivial right? But from where do you get your income when you are no longer working? That is what we call a pension.

Where does your income come from

Most people want to make sure that they have the same living standard when they retire compared to their working life, because then you finally have time to travel, spend time with your loved ones or do whatever you want to do when you retire. So, where does your income come from in your retirement? 

One source of income is the government pension. And although we have a very good social system in Germany, the government pension system is no longer working. When you work for 40 years in Germany with a 60k annual salary, you will only get 1400€ net pension. When you want to calculate your government pension, feel free to do so on the pension calculator on our website

The money that you pay in is not saved for you

The reason for the pension being so low is that the German government pension works very counterintuitively: Normally with a pension plan you would think that the money that you pay in, you will get out as a pension plus some interest, that’s how private pension plans work. That is not the case with the German government pension. The money that you pay in is not saved for you, but directly paid out to current pensioners. 

The first question that might pop in your head is: All well and good, but what happens, when there aren’t enough people paying in to support the current pensioners? That is exactly what is happening in Germany right now. When in 1970 there were 5 working people to support one pensioner, currently there are only two people, with a further falling trend. You can see the exact ratio also in the forecast on the pension calculator on our website

So you only get a small fraction of your pension from the government. That means the majority of your pension, you have to take care of yourself. That is why retirement planning is so important. 

How do you do that in the most effective way?

The question is, how do you do that in the most effective way? That is exactly the question that we tackle in our consulting. After reviewing your individual situation and needs, we show our clients how to use the German system to your advantage for your retirement and what government bonuses and tax breaks are available and how to use them in the most effective way. Our goal is always that you have a smile on your lips, when you think about your retirement. 

If you want to see how you can take care of your retirement the most effective way for you individually, feel free to schedule a free initial consultation with us.

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Vanessa Kuenzel


Among other things, I asked for a pension plan there and I am really positively impressed by the consultant. He responded very well to my wishes and was and is really always available for me! For my questions he has always taken a lot of time and also very much patience and friendliness! The product recommended by him I had compared with others and finally decided for this. On the one hand, because the product really convinced me in the end and on the other hand, because the consultant David R. really took the time and explained everything to me again and again in a very understandable and good way. Great consultant who really does not leave you hanging!

Anke Schneider


Many thanks to Mr. David Reinhard for the detailed advice and patience in answering my questions – sympathetic and competent!

Lukas Prechtl


Super good financial service from David Reinhard! The advice is based on your own needs and interests and not on the interests of the respective insurance companies / banks.

Pascal Stock


The advice given by Mr. Reinhard when changing the Riester pension was professionally very good, fast and even via video telephony uncomplicated and possible at any time. Therefore, I can highly recommend this.

Faisal Anees


It was nice being supported with a professional representative – ( David Reinhard ) who advised and gave us the best suited and transparent advise. This not only gave us the confidence but also motivated us to start with our goal.



David Reinhard has the patience and knows the details. He gives the time that is needed for the advice and is really good in what he does. He came across as someone who does his best to win the trust and confidence.