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Financial advisor in Heidelberg

We strive for a world in which everyone can rely on their financial future. As in­de­pen­dent financial advisors in Hei­del­berg we make sure that our clients have a smile on their lips when they think about their finances.

Financial advisor in Heidelberg

We strive for a world in which everyone can rely on their financial future. As in­de­pen­dent financial advisors in Hei­del­berg we make sure that our clients have a smile on their lips when they think about their finances.

In­vest­ment is our core business

It was not by chance that we chose the beautiful and historic city of Hei­del­berg as the head­quar­ters for our financial con­sul­ting firm! The idea of combining proven tradition with re­vo­lu­tio­na­ry in­no­va­ti­on has been very important to us from the very beginning. 


Finance is not an easy topic in Germany. The financial services industry has de­fi­ni­te­ly worked hard to earn its negative re­pu­ta­ti­on in recent years and decades due to a lack of trans­pa­ren­cy and un­re­lia­ble advice. Trust in the financial sector has been severely damaged and the cre­di­bi­li­ty of financial policy is lacking. 


That is why we have made it our mission to reform the scene in Hei­del­berg, Mannheim, Frankfurt and beyond the Rhine-Neckar region by providing clear, honest and in­de­pen­dent advice. We want to return to in­di­vi­du­al, attentive and reliable con­sul­ting, so that you can feel valued again. But above all, we want to enable you to make new decisions through a high degree of clarity:


Most people are not aware of what they should do in the area of capital in­vest­ment. Whether real estate & con­s­truc­tion financing, whether se­cu­ri­ties and in­vest­ment funds or ETF’s, whether insurance or re­ti­re­ment planning – when it comes to investing money, it is quickly overwhelming.


It is just a complex, dry topic. You conclude a product without knowing the exact costs and benefits and without un­der­stan­ding the details.

We show you your cost and per­for­mance struc­tures in a non-binding con­sul­ta­ti­on and compare them with market-leading al­ter­na­ti­ves. We develop fund com­pa­ri­sons and show you how to invest your money. After our con­sul­ta­ti­on, you will be clear about the type of in­vest­ment you have taken out and how equity funds, pension plans or insurance policies fun­da­men­tal­ly work. But most im­portant­ly, you can be sure that you will then be terrific fi­nan­ci­al­ly and think about your finances with a smile!

We unite your values with your finances!

Every person is in­di­vi­du­al and has their own value system due to their unique life ex­pe­ri­en­ces. Also when it comes to finances, everyone places different emphasis on different things. Whether security or profit, whether fle­xi­bi­li­ty or saving taxes or whether short-term or long-term – you set your own focus within your value system.


But our values and company phi­lo­so­phy also flow into your con­sul­ta­ti­on! Because our dis­cus­sions are not aimed at a short-term product sale, but at sincere and excellent advice. Get to know our ideas:

Trust & Authenticity:

We attach par­ti­cu­lar im­portance to re­spectful, direct and co­ope­ra­ti­ve dealings with our clients as well as with our employees.

Re­spon­si­bi­li­ty & Social Commitment:

We un­der­stand re­spon­si­ble advice to be ge­ne­ra­ting ap­pro­pria­te returns to secure our customers‘ working lives and retirement.

However, we also un­der­stand corporate re­spon­si­bi­li­ty as giving something back from our success out of conviction.

In this way, we want to make an active and positive dif­fe­rence not only to the present, but also to the future. Because we have a social re­spon­si­bi­li­ty – both for our clients & employees and for society.

Ex­cel­lence & Expertise:

Due to our many years of expertise and proven knowledge, we are able to show our clients excellent pro­ce­du­res. The focus of our con­sul­ting is a tailor-made and, above all, trans­pa­rent concept developed together with the client.

We are not satisfied with the average, but strive for per­fec­tion, both in our approach and in our co­ope­ra­ti­on and in­ter­ac­tion with each other.


We are eager to get to know you and your values & focus!

Insurance broker in

As in­de­pen­dent insurance brokers we have access to the entire German insurance market. We have spe­cia­li­zed in scanning the entire market in order to find the best options for our clients. On top of that, you get the exact same con­di­ti­ons with us as you would at the insurance directly, so you have no financial di­s­ad­van­ta­ge working with us as your brokers, but of course the huge advantage, thet you get the best available solution for you individually.

Financial service provider in Heidelberg

Finding in­de­pen­dent financial services in Hei­del­berg can prove to be a great dif­fi­cul­ty, as many claim to be in­de­pen­dent, but un­fort­u­na­te­ly most of them are not.

Technical expertise, cre­di­bi­li­ty and trans­pa­ren­cy are absolute core elements in our con­sul­ting. The de­ve­lo­p­ment of com­pre­hen­si­ble cost com­pa­ri­sons, the deduction of sensitive financial topics and the ac­com­p­animent into the con­clu­si­on of a contract are self-evident for us.


So if the question arises: Where can I find in­de­pen­dent financial advice in Hei­del­berg? After a con­sul­ta­ti­on you will know that InVertas is your trust­wor­t­hy contact.


Our goal is to ensure that even un­at­trac­ti­ve, dry and chal­len­ging financial topics are explained in a way that leaves you com­pre­hen­si­ve­ly informed. That you have 100% con­fi­dence in our in­de­pen­dent financial services, in Hei­del­berg, the InVertas team and in your financial plan.


Whether real estate financing, pension plans, in­vest­ment or in­de­pen­dent financial services in general – we are available for you as a contact person in beautiful Hei­del­berg, both in person, as well as by video or phone.


Arrange a non-binding ap­point­ment and get to know us and our free initial con­sul­ta­ti­on in Hei­del­berg! You will be amazed at how in­te­res­t­ing finance can be!

In­vest­ments for your future

We strive for a world in which everyone can rely on their financial future. Secure in­vest­ments and in­de­pen­dent com­pa­ri­sons in re­ti­re­ment planning, real estate or insurance are a relevant element for this.

By linking values with finances, we work to ensure that you can think about your finances with a good feeling.


Freely according to the motto:

„Learn from the past, live in the present to create a new standard in the future.“- we want to work with you to ensure in­no­va­ti­ve advice and sus­tainable care that makes you happy!


We are looking for the best in­vest­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties for your children, for your own private pension or for your partner. We recommend the creation of a family concept in order to take into account all your wishes and goals.


We design in­de­pen­dent com­pa­ri­sons, use certified pension cal­cu­la­tors and analyze tax savings and cost structures.


Classic questions such as „Is a company pension plan worth it?“, „How do I invest my money in shares or ETF’s?“ or „How sus­tainable is my in­vest­ment?“ we clarify together with you in peace. 


Short-term, medium-term and long-term in­vest­ments or buying an in­vest­ment property are extremely complex in Germany. We help you to un­der­stand the different options and to invest safely!

Take care of your in­vest­ments today

Get to know us in a free con­sul­ta­ti­on to get an overview of our phi­lo­so­phy and approach.

Opinions of our

Our passion is to give you a pro­fes­sio­nal good feeling. Always honest and trans­pa­rent. Convince yourself with our numerous reviews!

Vanessa Kuenzel


Among other things, I asked for a pension plan there and I am really po­si­tively impressed by the con­sul­tant. He responded very well to my wishes and was and is really always available for me! For my questions he has always taken a lot of time and also very much patience and fri­end­li­ne­ss! The product re­com­men­ded by him I had compared with others and finally decided for this. On the one hand, because the product really convinced me in the end and on the other hand, because the con­sul­tant David R. really took the time and explained ever­y­thing to me again and again in a very un­der­stan­da­ble and good way. Great con­sul­tant who really does not leave you hanging!

Anke Schneider


Many thanks to Mr. David Reinhard for the detailed advice and patience in answering my questions – sym­pa­the­tic and competent!

Lukas Prechtl


Super good financial service from David Reinhard! The advice is based on your own needs and interests and not on the interests of the re­spec­ti­ve insurance companies / banks.

Pascal Stock


The advice given by Mr. Reinhard when changing the Riester pension was pro­fes­sio­nal­ly very good, fast and even via video telephony un­com­pli­ca­ted and possible at any time. Therefore, I can highly recommend this.

Faisal Anees


It was nice being supported with a pro­fes­sio­nal re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve – ( David Reinhard ) who advised and gave us the best suited and trans­pa­rent advise. This not only gave us the con­fi­dence but also motivated us to start with our goal.



David Reinhard has the patience and knows the details. He gives the time that is needed for the advice and is really good in what he does. He came across as someone who does his best to win the trust and confidence.